RMS Staff


1200 NE 201st Ave.

Fairview, OR  97024-9642

Phone:  503.665.8166    FAX:  503.262.3796 


School Hours:  7:30am - 2:15pm except Mondays

Late Start School Hours:  8:40am - 2:15pm every Monday

Office Hours:  6:45am - 3:00pm

          Notice:  Until further notice, the main office is located in Room 414; enter the building via the southeast side of the building opposite the track.  Use the door closest to the recess yard.  (See attachments below.)



Mr. Stacy Talus, Principal, Ext. 3421

Adam Swientek, Associate Principal, Ext. 3420 (6th Grade, last names M - Z; All 7th Grade)

Sarah Shields, Associate Principal, Ext. 3571 (6th Grade, last names A - L; All 8th Grade)



Alyssa Hertel, Ext. 3517 (6th Grade, last names M - Z; All 7th Grade)

Kelly Goforth, Ext. 3581 (6th Grade, last names A - L; All 8th Grade)


Office Staff

Marti Magee, Lead Secretary, Ext. 3555               

Barbara Casey, Attendance Secretary, Ext. 3501 

Judy Albin, Registrar, Ext. 3576                            

Silvia Quesada-Kahler, ELL Liaison, Ext. 3596  Hours:  10:00am - 3:00pm         

Cheryl Rickerd, Assistant Secretary/Receptionist, Ext. 3500

Beverly Lewis, Special Education Secretary, Ext. 3053


School Resource Officer

Eric Flener, Ext. 3548 


Student Management

Haley-Ann AhinaJulie Smail



Patricia Brady, Speech Pathologist, Ext. 3562

Justin Warber, Psychologist, Ext. 3553


Certified Teachers

Mark Adamski, Ext. 3545

Katie Alexander, Ext. 3528 

Steve Berry, Ext. 3522

Corraun Bourne, Ext. 3547

Diane Bowlby, Ext. 3551

Deborah Bufton, Ext. 3563

Martin Bush

Paul Cameron, Ext. 3521

Kieran Casey, Ext. 3577

Annie Cooper, Ext. 3593

Brian Darby, Ext. 3560

Alyson Drain, Ext. 3586  

Craig Emmons, Ext. 3525

Bonnie Erickson, Ext. 3526

Melissa Evans, Ext. 3520

Heather Finkas, Ext. 3535

Shelley Frey

Mara Friedland, Ext. 3575

Donna Gallagher, Ext. 3554

Bill Harlow, Ext. 3533

Mariah Hasegawa, Ext. 3527 

Nick Herb, Ext. 3584

Sara Hevy, Ext. 3514

Karen Hilley, Ext. 3530

Scott Hutchins, Ext. 3559

Keith Johnson, Ext. 3503

Brad Jubitz, Ext. 3532

Jill King, Ext. 3552

Emily Lindgren, Ext. 3540

Meesa Long, Ext. 3502

Bruce Marsh, Ext. 3503

Megan Nealis, Ext. 3502

Lora Nomie, Ext. 3544

Molly Peters, Ext. 3543

Cynthia Pizzuti, Ext. 3511

Shane Pluchos, Ext. 3515

Rene Quines, Ext. 3574

Paul Rondema, Ext. 3573

Linda Rua, Ext. 3588, Ext. 3556

Koren Russ, Ext. 3512

Jill Sawyer, Ext. 3570

Nathan Schmitt, Ext. 3559

Antje Schramm, Ext. 3504

Gary Schuh

Donna Sheets-Mathew, Ext. 3506

Brenna Silkey, Ext. 3577

Patricia Snyder, Ext. 3566

Valerie Snyder, Ext. 3543

Mary Stagliano-Johnson, Ext. 3509

Sheila Stewart, Ext. 3518

Andrew Toth, Ext. 3561

Sally Valentine, Ext. 3558


Educational Assistants

Ahmed Ahmed, Ext. 3503

Heather Allen, Ext. 3524

Luz Astrid Canete De Velasco, 3556, 3588

Michelle Erdman, Ext. 3533

Nelly Garcia, Ext. 3533

Debra Gooden, Ext. 3527

Stephanie Lynch, Ext. 3542 (Testing Coordinator)

Chelsea Michele, Ext. 3535

Tracy Munyan, Ext. 3503

Julie Nelson, Ext. 3535 & 3541

Eric Thompson, Ext. 3519 (Pass Room)

Ryan Trosko, Ext. 3535

Gail Waddell, Ext. 3535

Melissa Wright, Ext. 3556, 3588


Functional Living Skills Classroom

Room 610, Ext. 3556 and Room 612, Ext. 3588

     Teacher:  Linda Rua

     Educational Assistants:  Theresa TackmanLiz Womack, Nicole Worthington

     Nurse: Tannaz Talepasand, Judy Tilton


Support Staff


     Lead:  Teresa Lehto, Ext. 3513

     Arlene Lampi, Desteny Lewis, Christine Messmer, Holly Rein, Barbara Rothwell, Jean Shipman


     Andrey Babiy (Night Shift), Jason Fuller (Day Lead), Alex Garcia (Night-Shift Lead), Nick Protopapas (Mid Shift),       Cha Lee Vang (Mid-Shift Lead)

     Noon Aides:

     Tyler Lehto; Rebecca Miller


Community Resources

     Reynolds School District Social Worker:

     Molly Frye, Ext. 3591


     Ben Baldizon, RMS Ext. 3557

     Erika Lira, MFS (Metropolitan Family Service) SUN Youth Advocate (by referral)

     Multnomah County Mental Health Services:

     Rachel O'Rourke, 503.793.0020 (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 8:30am - 1:00pm)


     Corinne Sharlet (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by appointment between 8:00am and 4:00pm)