Children’s Choice Bus Driver of the Year

Woodland Elementary School's Bus Driver Skip Pillow Earns an Award from Thomas Built Buses

Christina Miranda Tello, a Woodland Elementary student, submitted a  contest entry in the Thomas Built Buses contest that recognizes the Children’s Choice School Bus Driver of the Year. Reynolds School District employee, Skip Pillow got Christina’s vote and earned a Honorable Mention award.

Skip Pillow was honored to receive the recognition, one of only five drivers recognized in the United States.

The highlight of the recognition, which was held on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at the Reynolds School Board Business Meeting, was having Christina there to read her winning essay.

In her essay, Christina said Skip would cry if he won, and he did!  He was very humble accepting the award on behalf of all school bus drivers.

He said that he would cherish the award because it came about  by the actions of a special and gifted young lady.

He also said, he knew when he had done his job well by the look on a mother’s face when he delivered her child home safely. Congratulations to Skip and Christina.